Scene Documentation

Northwest Crash Analysis, LLC utilizes state of the art equipment, technology and graphics software to accurately document the crash scenes. Our staff rapidly responds to crash scenes and preserves the necessary evidence to reconstruct the events at a later date.

Below is an example of the quality of scene documentation. This is a dangerous intersection where there is heavy commercial motor vehicle and automobile traffic. Utilizing surveying grade instruments, the scene is fully documented and allows both a professional analysis and presentation of the results to the jury.

This is a geo-referenced orthographic image of USH 8 and STH 35 – North, Polk County, WI.
This a screen capture of a 3-dimensional point cloud of the same intersection. This point cloud can be used for both fly-through and traditional animations.
Another method of scene documentation is the use of a forensic mapping system. Forensic mapping is the process of accurately mapping scene evidence in order to produce accurate scale diagrams. The data collected can often be crucial in reconstructing a variety of incidents.
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